Only Deploying When You Want To With Chef aka Don’t Break Prod

Continuous Chef Runs

By design Chef’s client application, chef-client, runs as a service on systems in a chef managed environment with a chef-client run occurring every 20 minutes.  The continuous chef-client runs ensure that systems are always configured as expected and changes can easily be pushed out with quick convergence.  The downside is that any action in a Chef cookbook will run every 20 minutes including the deployment of product code if you use chef to deploy your actual application code.  This could lead to your web application being reinstalled and restarted every 20 minutes unless you’re careful.


Preventing Accidental Continuous Deployment

To avoid continuously deploying product you can wrap any process that would cause impact to customers in a “deploy flag”.  This allows you to use Chef’s 20 minute continuous runs to ensure your system is in the appropriate state, while not deploying code.   When you wish to run through the complete process of building a working system from scratch, including pulling down new application code, you can simply set an environmental variable of deploy_build=true.  This can be done remotely during code rollouts via Capistrano or Rundeck to allow for a orchestrated deploy of code.


Using the Deploy Flag

At the beginning of your recipe include code as follows to write out the state of the flag and then execute any uninstall recipes or resources.

log "Deploy build is #{ENV["deploy_build"]}"

if ENV["deploy_build"] == "true" then
  include_recipe "COOKBOOKNAME::uninstall"

Further in your code when you would like to actually deploy components. (delete directories, copy in files, or anything else that would be customer impacting)

if ENV["deploy_build"] == "true" then


End Result

Now running “chef-client” will ensure your system is in the appropriate state, while running “deploy_build=”true” chef-client will run a full deploy of your application.

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