Datsun 510 Status

Purchase – Sept 2008

This Datsun project has certainly become more than I thought it would be at first. I was hoping for a car that with minor work could be driven home and slowly worked on from there, but nothing ever turns out how we expect it. The 510 was towed to My Daddy’s Muffler in Vancouver, WA by Loyd, who I purchased the car from in late July. I ordered a new Weber carb and had it shipped to the shop to replace the old Hitachi carb that needed to be rebuilt. My Daddy’s installed a FlowMaster exhaust system in place of the flextube and coffee can setup that was on the car at the time. From there they started work on getting the car running.

Oct 2008 – Sept 2008

The last two months have been slow for the 510 project, as I’ve been out the country working in Antarctica. I tried to get as much ready for my departure as I could, but things never quite work out how you plan them. The 510 is still sitting at My Daddy’s Muffler. In late Sept My Daddy’s discovered the 510 had a blown head gasket even though the previous owner claimed the car worked fine. In November My Daddy’s attempted to repair the head gasket and found the block was cracked as well. Things just get better and better. I searched for a while online to find someone that sold rebuilt engines and I finally found a seller on eBay. I’m currently working on having the engine shipped to My Daddy’s so the new engine can be installed. It’ll be an L16 instead of an L18, but it’ll be completely rebuilt so it should pull harder and stronger than any 30 year old L18 would have. I’ve also been working on getting together parts for a brake upgrade on the 510. I purchased 80s Maxima brakes, EDP brackets, a brake line lock, steel brake lines, and cross drilled / vented brake rotors. This should provide serious stopping power for the 510 and replace the worn out old stock brakes.

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