My 510 Projects

In Progress Projects

Engine Swap

  • Remove the blown L18 long block
  • Fully rebuilt L16 long block
  • Weber 32/36 DGV Carburetor upgrade

Brake Upgrade

  • Remove rear drum brakes (harder than it sounds)
  • Maxima Front / Rear calipers
  • 200SX brake rotors
  • Custom steel brake lines
  • EDP Caliper brackets
  • Brake line lock for emergency brakes

Upcoming Projects:

Paint / Rustproof engine bay

  • Clean engine bay
  • Sand existing paint
  • Remove fenders, headlights, grill, bumper, and hood
  • Paint as the engine bay with a rustproofing paint
  • Paint accessories such as windshield wiper motor
  • Reinstall fenders, headlights, grill, bumper, and hood

Install soundproofing / carpeting in interior

  • Remove seats / door panels
  • Scrap off stock floor soundproofing
  • Clean floorboards
  • Paint floorboard with rust proofing paint
  • Install Fatmat soundproofing
  • Install carpet
  • Reinstall door panels / seats

Install New Dome Light

  • Remove old dome light
  • Install new dome light

Install New Chrome Vent Pieces

  • Remove old vents pieces
  • Install new vent pieces

Install Shift boot / housing

  • Patch holes in purchased shift boot housing
  • Paint shift boot housing
  • Install shift boot / housing

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