Datsun 510 Engine Swap

This is a very large and costly unplanned project for my 510 build. In fact if I had known the car was going to need an engine swap before I even got to drive it home I wouldn’t have purchased the car in the first place. Unfortunately this is the situation that I’m stuck with. The L18 swap in the 510 had a blown head gasket. During the repair of the head gasket it was discovered that the block was cracked as well. Having already poured too much $$$ into the project I felt the need to see it through.

It was time for a new engine and unfortunately things aren’t ready for a fuel injection swap so I started looking for L series engines. I contacted several companies accross the US and none would rebuild a 510 engine. I eventually found a company in Portland that would do the rebuild, but required the old engine as a core first and charged $1400. After searching further I found a seller on eBay (datsun-parts) that had lots of positive feedback for for L series engines. I purchased the engine below for $1000 with $200 shipping. More than I had hoped to spend, but peace of mind having a new build is worth it.


L-16 Block w/ A87 Head

  • Complete disassemble, Inspection and Pressure test
  • Re-Surface all 3 sides, Intake Gasket Side, Head Gasket Side and Valve Cover Gasket Side
  • 3 Angle Valve Job
  • Reconditioned Rocker Arms
  • Cleaned, and Installed OEM stock Springs, Retainers and Lash Pads
  • Full Set of new Valve Seals
  • OEM Stock Polished Camshaft.
  • All threads cleaned and repaired as needed
  • New pistons, seals, Felpro gaskets, and bearings
  • New water pump
  • New oil pump

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