My Time In Antarctica

For five months during 2008 and 2009 I lived and worked in Antarctica in what was easily the most amazing experience of my life. I left the US for Antarctica in October of 2008, the beginning of Antarctica’s summer season, and returned to the US in late February of 2009. I lived and worked at McMurdo Station, which is the main US Antarctic research station and logistics hub for all US Antarctic Program activities. While in Antarctica I worked as a PC Technician providing desktop support for the ~1000 scientists and support staff of McMurdo Station.

McMurdo Station from Observation Hill

Why Antarctica? Well why not I guess. It all started with a night of drinking with my sister where she mentioned one of her techie friends was working there doing IT work. It seemed like a fascinating idea at the time, most likely due to night of drinking, but in time the idea grew on me. I kept thinking about it, and then I quasi-committed myself to going over the next year or so. It seemed so far off at the time, but I applied and was accepted. A few months later I was sitting on a military cargo aircraft, wearing an enormous amount of clothing, on my way to the absolute middle of no where.

I created this page to help others that may have heard about the opportunities in Antarctica. There’s lots of information on the Internet already, but I found most of it to be outdated and spread across dozens of sites. My goal is to provide a page that can answer as many questions as possible and help those that are interested experience Antarctica.

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