Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do for fun?
Believe it or not there’s plenty to do for fun in Antarctica. I can’t speak for Palmer Station of the South Pole station, but McMurdo has plenty of activities. There are two bars to keep you busy with very affordable drinks (one of the only thing you have to spend money on). There are lots of outdoor activities that are available with incredibly low cost rentals of skis/snowboards, mountain bikes, and disc golf sets. There are several places to go cross country skiing and a complete disc golf course on station.

What are the rooms like?
All station housing in Antarctica is dorm style housing fairly similar to housing you would find on your average (low budget) university. Housing quality depends on the number of seasons you’ve worked in Antarctica and the importance of your job. If you show up for your first year as a DA washing dishes you get the worst housing McMurdo has to offer, while a even a first year pilot or doctor gets a single room to themselves in “upper case” (read: much nicer) housing. There are several different styles of rooms. There are rather small 2 person rooms, larger (and nicer) 4 person rooms, and 2 person rooms that share a single bathroom with another 2 person room. I spent my time in the main building on station (building 155) in a 4 person room that has 3 people for the majority of the year. Four people sounded scary at first, but it really wasn’t as bad as you might think.

What is the work week in Antarctica?
Antarctica work days are 7:30 to 5:30 with an hour lunch. The work week is Monday – Saturday for a combined work week of 54 hours.

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